The Bolt X and Bolt Jr+ motion control robots offer distinct use cases in both traditional and virtual production settings. The Bolt X, with its larger scale and advanced capabilities, is well-suited for ambitious cinematic projects, providing precise and high-speed camera movements that enhance visual storytelling. In contrast, the Bolt Jr+, being more compact, excels in smaller spaces without compromising on precision, making it adaptable for a variety of shooting environments.

When integrated into virtual production shoots, both robots play pivotal roles. The Bolt X can navigate vast virtual landscapes, executing complex movements within augmented environments, while the Bolt Jr+ proves valuable in more constrained digital sets, ensuring seamless coordination between physical and virtual elements. Together, these motion control robots offer a comprehensive toolkit for filmmakers, providing versatility and precision in the ever-evolving landscape of virtual production.

Making the Impossible Possible


Produce a dynamic commercial with a Motion Control Cinebot in a logistically “impossible” location.


Shoot in studio with an LED volume and a Bolt Motion Control Cinebot with your desired “impossible” location in a controlled environment.
Creating a captivating commercial often involves pushing the boundaries of what seems feasible. In this case, we’re faced with the challenge of filming with a Motion Control Cinebot in a location that would typically be considered logistically impossible. Perhaps it’s a remote mountaintop, the roof a sky-scraper, or the heart of a bustling metropolis—somewhere that would be incredibly challenging to access and film conventionally.

Instead of physically transporting the Cinebot to the desired location, we create a virtual environment displayed on the LED volume. This cutting-edge technology allows us to project realistic backgrounds onto large LED screens surrounding the set. We eliminate external variables like weather, noise, and unexpected obstacles. Our crew can focus on perfecting lighting, composition, and performance without distractions.Now you can fully utilize the power of this sophisticated robotic camera system that allows precise and repeatable movements as well as complex camera paths. Now you can create your dynamic commercial that defies the constraints of reality, leaving viewers wondering, “How did they film that?”