Ronin Knights is an ambitious, action-packed project involving a highly choreographed fight scene that moves seamlessly throughout different times of day and also different universes. One in traditional Japan, the other in a Star Wars style universe.

With only 2 days of shooting using Virtual Production, Motion control and VFX we made a fast, action packed short that utilizes the most advanced tech available for filmmaking right now.


Production Days


Virtual Environments


Meet the Crew

Ray Xue

Ray Xue is a filmmaker recognized for his skills in directing, editing, visual effects, and color grading. His diverse portfolio ranges from feature films to commercials, marked by a commitment to narrative depth and visual innovation.

His first film, "Fear," clinched Best Picture at the Santa Fe Short Film Festival. Remarkably, at 18, he directed the full-length feature "Transcendent." His 2018 film "Extracurricular" garnered acclaim, featuring in festivals like Toronto After Dark and London FrightFest.

Ray is passionate about harnessing technology in filmmaking, seeing it as a tool to enhance storytelling and add new dimensions to the cinematic experience.

Khasan Aripov

As the Virtual Production Executive Producer at SP Studios Canada, Khasan Aripov is at the forefront of revolutionizing the virtual production landscape in Canada. With a keen understanding of studio workflows and industry standards, Khasan is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of real-time visualization for film and commercials.

Khasan is deeply involved in the Unreal Engine community, constantly exploring the possibilities of game engines as powerful storytelling tools. His expertise and innovative approach make him a driving force in advancing virtual production techniques and reshaping the future of the entertainment industry.