Shower Stage

With its dual-running shower, hair wash station, and double-wide doors, it's the perfect space for commercials, product shoots, fashion lookbooks, and more.
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Visual Brilliance

Unlocking the studio's distinctive attributes can elevate the visual allure of your content. The synergy of water elements and a flexible environment opens the door to imaginative and riveting productions spanning diverse industries.

Hair Salon Perfection

This unique offering in our versatile studio space is designed to cater to all your hair-related production needs. Whether you're shooting product commercials, salon service demonstrations, or fashion lookbooks, our Hair Salon Station is your ideal backdrop.
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Is the Shower Stage functional?

Yes, even has hot water.

Can we change the look of the Shower Stage?

We can bring in any props needed, and the shower head can also be changed. The tiles and the shower itself cannot be changed.

Is there enough space inside to film?

There is enough space to set up the cameras and gear, but some equipment such as the Bolt Jr+ would not fit in the stage.

What is included in the Shower Stage rental?

Shower Stage rental comes with full access to the stage, and it does not include any equipment (we do have great package deals available though, just shoot us an email). Our team will also be there to assist if needed.