Transform your filmmaking experience as you step into a world where the open road is at your fingertips. Virtual Production empowers filmmakers to capture realistic driving plates in a controlled studio environment, eliminating the logistical challenges of traditional on-location shoots. Seamlessly blend the virtual and the real to create authentic driving scenes that enhance the visual narrative of your project. With the ability to customize weather conditions, time of day, and landscapes, Virtual Production ensures you have the perfect driving plates for any scene, all while saving time and reducing costs associated with traditional location scouting and travel.

Virtual Production Drives Savings


Produce dynamic driving plates in multiple locations without the need of a process trailer or green screen.


Save time and money in travel, logistics, and post-production using virtual production to capture your driving plates.
Process trailers serve as the industry standard for capturing driving plates in the film world. These specialized trailers can help the filmmaker achieve realistic driving scenes. However, they are not always the ideal solution due to their associated costs. The process of using process trailers can be time-consuming and expensive. Location scouts need to find suitable filming locations, permits are required for road closures and specific sites, and a crew is necessary to operate the trailers. Despite their effectiveness, these costs make process trailers a decision that requires careful consideration.

In the past, green screen has been widely used as the alternative to process trailers. While green screen production does save money during production, it increases costs in post-production. The initial savings come from the controlled environment and flexibility provided by green screens, but the later expenses arise during editing and visual effects work. In post-production, meticulous attention is required to seamlessly blend the actors with the digitally generated backgrounds, which can be time-consuming and resource-intensive.

Virtual production eliminates many of the challenges that arise from on-location and post-production heavy processes. Leveraging virtual production to shoot driving plates provides filmmakers with unparalleled control over various aspects of the image. This includes precise manipulation of lighting conditions, simulate different weather conditions, and the ability to shoot multiple locations in a single day. Additionally, virtual production offers filmmakers greater flexibility in choosing camera angles, resulting in more dynamic and visually captivating shots. Filmmakers can achieve stunning driving plates with realistic environments and dynamic compositions — all in real time, directly through the lens.