Introducing the Bolt X

The only one of its kind available in Canada, Bolt X is a motion control robot developed by MRMC. It’s a perfect choice for producing commercials, music videos, TV shows and film. Designed to help directors and DOPs unleash their creativity, Bolt X has an arm reach of 3.2 meters, and a vertical travel distance of almost 5 meters. This, coupled with a whopping 9.7 meters per second camera speed, allows Bolt X to capture dynamic shots with ease, all while carrying up to 20 kg of payload.

Fast and Precise

Bolt X truly shines when used on its specialized track, where it is able to perform its lightning fast and precise arm movements while also following any object with a speed of up to 4.2 meters per second.  Every single move of Bolt X can be programmed using MRMC’s premium motion control software, Flair, for maximum precision.

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Using Bolt X at SP Studios

Bolt X is currently only available for in-studio rental at SP Studios, and we are the only place in Canada where you can try it for your next shoot. Bolt X can be used with or without tracks on our LED Volume Stage, Cyclorama Stage, as well as Kitchen Stage. Every rental comes with our certified motion control operator and an assistant.

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Do you have Bolt X operators?

Yes! We have 2 Bolt X operators, Adam and Conor. Adam is also a certified technician, and Conor is a certified technician and supervisor. You can bring in your own certified operators as well.

Is Bolt X available for delivery?

No, as much as we would love to let you use it for your production, we do not offer it for delivery at the moment. However, we do offer Bolt JR+ for delivery across Ontario. The best way to know if Bolt X becomes available for delivery is to sign up for our newsletter and stay tuned for updates!

How is BoltX different from normal Bolt?

Bolt X is the latest motion control robot released by MRMC. It comes with a longer arm reach and almost twice the camera speed (9.7 m/s vs 5 m/s). It provides much greater flexibility for capturing shots at high speed. You can read more about how awesome Bolt X is on the MRMC website.

What is included in the BoltX rental?

Bolt X rental comes with the Bolt X itself, as well as one of our operators. Note that Bolt X can only be used inside the studio. We can also provide great package deals for renting stage, camera, lenses, grip and lighting along with Bolt X.