Cyclorama Stage

With a dedicated lighting grid and loading dock, our cyclorama allows for seamless set backdrops and quick and easy access for vehicles and equipment.
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76 feet wide and 16 feet tall, our cyclorama stage is the perfect choice for your next commercial or music video. Adjust the mood and lighting as much as you wish with our Arri lighting grid, paint the cyclorama in any colour you wish, or use it as a green screen. With loading bays positioned by the side, you can build any set you need with ease.
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Green Screen

If you are not looking to implement virtual production in your next shoot, you can opt in for a more conventional method. Simply paint the entire cyclorama, use it as a green screen and build sets on the spot.

Arri Lighting Grid

Featuring 4 Orbiters and 16 Skypanels, our lighting grid is controlled by the GrandMA3 console and gives you more control over lighting than your own fingertips. Set the mood for the shoot, and use our ground lighting packages for a more immersive experience.

Motion Control


Whether you are looking for a slow-motion capture, or need to track fast objects with ease, our MRMC BoltX motion control robot would be your go-to. It is perfect for shooting on the cyclorama, with or without tracks, and its movements are programmed using Flair, MRMC’s premium motion control software.

Bolt Jr+

A smaller and lighter alternative to BoltX, Bolt Jr+ can be used for capturing moving objects just as well as its big brother. While more often used for shooting on-location, Bolt Jr+ can also be used on our cyclorama stage with one of our certified operators.


Why should I choose your cyclorama over any other one?

Sure, there are dozens of big cycloramas around, but what makes ours special is not the cyclorama itself, but the tech around it. With ARRI LED lighting grid controlled by GrandMA3 you have more control over lighting than your own fingertips. You can also use BoltX or Bolt Jr+ with tracks to film (bet you won't find many cycloramas that have those). Our loading docks are literally 10 feet away from the cyclorama, so getting all the props in will also be a breeze. Want to get a lambo in for a shot? No problem, we have a separate dock for cars as well.

What is included in Cyclorama Stage rental?

Cyclorama Stage rental comes with full access to the cyclorama, ARRI LED lighting grid controlled by GrandMA3, and our crew who will be there to assist you if needed. All stage props, paint jobs, and anything else you might need for your project are not included in standard rental rate.

The Cyclorama Stage is directly across from LED Volume Stage, does that mean we get to use both?

Good try. You get access to the Cyclorama Stage if you are renting LED Volume, but not the other way around. You will only be able to use the Cyclorama Stage, but no other productions will be taking place at other stages during your shoot.

Will we get a discount if we rent Cyclorama Stage with equipment?

Maybe, depends if it's a full moon. Jokes aside, we can provide some great discounts for package rentals, shoot us an email and let's chat more about it.

Can we paint the cyclorama?

Yes, we can paint it for you for an additional charge.

How high is the ceiling?

The ceiling is 20ft high.